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CORNELIA PĂUN HEINZEL: “Christmas of the street children“ Translation: Clara Neacşu

Cornelia Păun Heinzel: “Christmas of the street children“

Translation: Clara Neacşu

It was Christmas Eve. Voinescu was sitting bored in his office. He was on duty at maternity, although he would have liked very much to be at home with family. But work has his priority. Without it, we can’t put anything on Christmas table. So, willy nilly, he accepted guard service. Suddenly someone knocked violently on the door inside the cabinet and screamed naval desperatly, screaming:
-Please, doctor ! Any girl needs you ! A boy appeared in the room. It is urgent !
He watched as dull, dirty child apparead. He taught this was a joke of the little and he d’id not pay any attention to his request. Gabriel, for this was the boy’s name, went out into the street and saw a policeman.
           -A girl urgently needs a doctor ! It’s not a joke !                                                            The policeman returned to Voinescu’s office and he took his medical kit to go together, led by Gabriel. They walked behind the Maternity, climbing into a wooded area. The roof had completely covered the branches of the trees and, due to the cold, it had a peculiar look. So, with the leaves frozen, the landscape looked amazing, it seemed that witch could always come out of the bushy bushes. They all went down the path bordered by trees and shrubs. It had become increasingly cold. Suddenly, some desperate girl screams were heard.
„We’re here,” said the victorious boy, pointing at the narrow entrance of a cave. They were in the mountain catacombs that were left behind during the war, in which people had hid, to protect themselves from bombing.
The doctor comes in with the kit and the first part of the body. The rest was stuck at the entrance. He could hardly cut the umbilical cord. The birth had succeeded.
Neither mother, a girl of ten years, nor her baby were in any no longer in danger. But Voinescu could not move. He stood frozen in the entrance.
The policeman calls on his cellphone quickly, asking for help for the deportation. The rescue crew arrived quickly and released the frightened doctor who thought he was going to spend Christmas, in the cave door.
– Is that your child ? He inquired curiously, Gabriel.
„No,” he said. It’s Mihai, is my brother… who is now in jail. He stole a bag of pretzels from the shop behind the Library. He was hungry. Now I have to take care of the Aura and the baby. We’ll call it Jerome. That’s how what we.
It had been a few years since the accident. Voinescu had finished his Maternity service and waited a few minutes in reflecting. He went to the green area behind the Library. He hung up on a bench. Some ragged children on the street watched him with insistence. He had entered their territory.
One of the ragged children approached the doctor.
– What are you doing, doctor ? He had a naughty voice.
The doctor immediately looked at the face of the guy and observed some familiar features. It was Gabriel, the boy who announced the birth of the forest, from Christmas Eve.
– Well thank you! But you ? Jerome is fine? Asked the man.
– Yeah, he’s healthy… and fine. But Aura is at jail. She stole a chocolate from the supermarket. She was pregnant again… and Michael, my brother, went for the third time to prison. He says there’s better… he has shelter and food at least…