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Cornelia Păun Heinzel : “Intersects Destinys”

The teenagers entered the room, with vegetables to wash. They weren’t as lucky as the others, since they didn’t stay to cook and serve. The room was weird, dark and wet, and the sun could barely enter through the tiny windows, located in the corners with small spider webs. Everywhere around them you could find bags of potatoes, carrots, onions, and several knives for peeling the vegetables. There were mysteries hidden in its walls, as if everyone wondered what was inside them, as if they wanted to know them. Maybe it was a room to a different time, where the secrets of everyone were revealed completely. The space instantly touched the sensible chords of every person who decided to enter, in everyone’s soul appeared an unmatchable will to confess.

-How unfortunate that the kitchen staff failed to arrive in camp. Due to the accident on the highway and storm we have to cook ourselves lunch, said a short and weak girl. We are isolated here and we have to manage. But it’s hard for us to do that! God, what a terrible storm was last night! Have you seen? It was hail! Falling pieces of ice as big as quail eggs! Huge lightning split the shimmering dark sky! You said that it was the end of the world! Even the nearby river overflowed. In the morning, there wasn’t a concert of the birds, as we had been used to listening. The intensity of the wind has pulled the trees out of the earth by their roots! And it broke branches. I saw it picture from the balcony of the villa …

-Teacher, but what is this place? It seems so strange, so mysterious … I feel that we are not the only ones in the room … we do not exist here but us alone… the boy asked a tall, dark and thin man.

The teacher, old man with funny face, cute, white hair and whiskers flashed a wry smile on his face long and red and explained:

-This was a children’s home. In a bombing during the war, a bomb fell on the building. The Children were sheltered underground. There was no one left alive …

-What a tragedy ! exclamated a blond and delicate girl.

-Better forget all I said ! Who will be the unfortunate fellow that will cut the onions? Brown said laughing boy with a shock wave in front and shaved bald one side of the head, the latest fashion cut for teens.

-You, with your poodle haircut! Draw! said another blonde, tall, teen with hair in the form of long spikes, just, like spray starch. Nobody has such pleasure.

-But your carpet-like hairstyle! Fine! We draw tickets! Peel the potatoes and the rest, ‘said the brunette.

Mary, a girl plump and pretty, had drown the onion ticket. Bad luck … for her …

-You have to clean one kilo ! What will cry ! Fernando said laughing, dark boy with modern hairstyle.

-Everyone else, go around the basins, potatoes and carrots! exclaimed a tall brunette teenage girl, authoritarian, Adina. Finish quickly!

Children quickly arranged around sacks of potatoes on wooden stools. And began to clean them slowly, one by one.

-You have to clean one kilo ! You’re gonna cry so bad! said laughing Fernando,the dark boy with modern hairstyle. Without you wanting !

-Others go around the basins, to the potatoes and carrots! exclaimed an authoritarian tall brunette teenage girl, Adina. To finish quickly!

 The kids quickly arranged  themselves around the sacks of potatoes, sitting on wooden stools. And they began to clean them slowly, one by one.

 -Now, do not get bored, let’s to tell stories! Who starts first? Fernando said.

-You! Show be first since you got the idea ! said a blonde teenager with whiskers, Lorraine.

-Ok! If you wish… I had a very good childen hood. My mom, dad, and my sisters loved me and we were all happy. At school I had a wonderful teacher and I loves to learn. I was among the first class. I went to camps and trips, all extra-curricular activities! Sports and playing guitar. But come on my affliction It was the first moment my life and I turned upside down forever ! At two o’clock when my father was back from work, the found a note on the dining room table. He read it and had a heart attack instantly. They have taken him away by ambulance. He died in the hospital the next few hours. From that day I have not seen him…

 -And what was written on the note? asked Serena, a curious small blonde girl.

-Mom left a good-bye letter. She was leaving to work in Spain. Only my bigger sisters knew about this. But they didn’t tell nobody, since mom left them some money when she left. Me and my smaller brother, we were taken immediately by Child protection and sent to the Center. Then I threw a strong nervous tantrum and stayed for a few months in the hospital. I could not come back ! I couldn’t believe it! I had the feeling that it was a nightmare, one of which I must wake up from and everything will be like before. Now I only live in my memories … they are all for me. Only with in them I can find the peace and happiness I need …

-And how was it in the Center? asked a boy with gelled spiky hair, Leonardo.

-You realize it’s not like home, my mother, my father, my sisters and my brothers. Strangers can not be like them ! They d’s not care about me! They only wanted money! It’s like i changed the world, from Heaven straight to Hell. I will never be happy again! Said the boy with sorrow. At home I would have been pleased with only with empty bread. Just to be with my family !

-Now, Violeta, it’s your turn, your story. You’re the smartest and most beautiful of all the girls here. That’s what all the teachers say, the boy continued.

-My life was a tragedy right from the start. My father died at the age of thirty-five. On the street, an unknown man caught him and forced him to drink poison. They found it at the autopsy, with the esophagus and the intestin ripped completely.

-And your mother? asked Leonardo.

-Mom started to have anxiety and ultimately deppresion,causing her to drink. Her life ended when she jumped in front of a high-speed train. Me, said the beautiful teenager, delicate, with gorgeus black eyes, and long ,twisted earbrows. But they made fun of me so much! They enjoyed it. They even liked to burn me with the cigarette! But I ran away from them! In the street! I’m not afraid to stay in the bushes! I got used since i was little,that life is hard. I have to fight for it!

-That’s right, with strangers nothing is good! confirms a brown, bonded boy, Marius. Adrian has parents with lots of money, but older, over sixty years old. Apparently, everything looks good. He has money and he buys everything he wants. But something happend to him. He’s not talking to us. He has no friends. He’s nervous, he can’t stand still during class. He’s violent and always strikes those around him for no reason. Did not you notice that?

-Yes, he beat me too! said Cerasela, a delicate blond girl.

-Let Violeta continue the story! How is it in the Center? Why are you absent from school so much lately? I mean, you’re the smart one, so why not take advantage of that?

-I’m not going to the Pedagogic. I get the smaller kids to school, and I can’t make it. I stay in an apartment, given to me by them. And alone, it dosen’t allow me to come, the girl continued.

-Too bad ! The Romanian teacher told you that you’re really smart! said a redhead boy. You’re losing a lot !

-If dad was alive, i would be fine now, continued the teenager, with pain seemingly in her words. I had everything! My grandmother left us a 4-room apartment and she retired into a one-room. But grandma was forced by grandpa to sell the apartment. And all the money they obtained, he spent. Grandpa was a stepfather to my dad. They, uhh… didn’t get along very well. Neither with grandma. And then, for grandma to no longer suffer, dad sacrificed himself for her and left to the streets, alone. That’s how he grew up!

-There, for annoyance, he began to drink, he learned how to take drugs. He destroyed his life! He was a beautiful, blond, blue-eyed man … my little brothers looked perfect. But I do not know anything about them, and I do not think I’ll ever find out. They were baptized immediately after the death of their mother: two lived abroad, one in Europe, another in the United States. The third is somewhere in a small village in Romania. We could find out if we went to a television show. Grandma does not want to be interested, to find out what happened to them. He says he does not want to know the world, not to laugh in the neighborhood, to give children to strangers. With her new husband, she made two children, two girls – one of twenty and another twenty-five. They also have children in their turn. But the stepfather died a year ago, and my grandmother care now take on a little bit of me. 

-He was the one who did not. She promised to take her to her house. But her daughters are dying, I got out and get back to the streets. Still, I’m not afraid! I know how to fight for life! Said the beautiful girl.

-If he would give you the appartment… said Andrei.

-It’s not possible! They, her daughters have the right to it and to him. But my grandmother has a reprimand of conscience, for what happened to my father. Now, in old age, she wants to wash her sins and help me… though is too ! Continues the girl with sadness in her voice.

     It was quiet. For a few minutes, you can not hear anythile than the sharp knife noise, which they cut the shells of bodies of different sizes and rounding of potatoes.

  • Who continues ? broken the silence Fernando.
  • I told the tragedy of my life.
  • I don’t want to tell you anything. Agirl with black skin, with bushy eyebrows and a little moustache above the lips. I have parents. But I ran away from home. It’s better at the Center. At the Center, I have everything. I want. They give me food and Christmas gifts, food, clothes and everything I want. They ask all of us to write everything we want and we receive everything. We write about and was dragged by Fernando after which. She sat comfortably in his arms on his feet.
  • But why can’t you tell us the story ? Everyone did it ! Fernando becomes angry.
  • I don’t want to. I don’t want to. So stop ! Do you want to flight ? with Anda ? I nearly killed her. I hit her very hard. Did you see what she looked like ? the girl screameds.
  • But why don’t you tell us ? We all did it ! Leonardo is angry.
  • I don’t want ! I don’t want ! You want me to beat you like Anda ? I beat her I broke it ! I pulled her hair and I hit it ! I bruised it. Have you seen what it looks like ? howling the girl…

And the girl put Fernando over her, who sat confortably on her lap.

– But, why not tell us a story ? We all did it Leonardo said angered.

– I don’ t want to I just don’t.  Do you want me to beat you like Anda?  I beat her as if I’d broke her ! Did you even see her and her bruises ? said the girl, also angered

A brown – haired boy Gelu entered the room with a huge bowl saying.

– This chocolate is delicious ! Try it ! We made it, we thought of you like good students !

The huge vase had the interior cooted with a thick layer of chocolate , of almost one centimeter

The kids took their spoons and started to scrape the chocolate happily.

– Oh, man This is so delightfully said Fernando.

– Let me take some ! said a girl from behind Diana.

– Why are you lighting over it so badly ? I only have a mother , and she’s in Italia. I am home alone and look at me ! I’m alive! Mommy sends me lats of money and I can buy whatever I want.

I want kebabs, hamburgers, fast food, pizza, and I go whenever I want to along the shell game !


That’s why  you are so fat, said Negruta, a girl with black skin, like a negress. She started to sing silently, the refrain of a love song.

  • So what ! I’am beautiful ! said the teenager. Girls liked me !
  • I think they love yours maney more ! said the girl.
  • I don’t have to give them anything ! But to be honest, I don’t really like them, said the teen. I like playing at the computer. I would play all the time… if I could.

– And I remained alone, without parents ! completed a girl with long hair, rounded forms, slump compared to her stringy mates. My mother died and my father’s in the prison. He stole some food from a stone=shop because I didn’t have anything to eat. My dad wanted to work, he searched everywhere for a job, but no one hired him, although he is hardworking and ingenious. And now I stay at my grandmother. She takes care of me.

  • – I am sick. I’ve gret dizzinesses, said quiettly a nice girl with hair gigtails, lisping. Yesterday my father beat my mom. And I stoyed and shahed all the time. I coulln’t walk straight after that. I haven’t recovered since then…
  • – I know how it is, said another girl with a songent tone, dark-haired with a wig. Mine do the same.
  • Let me tell you what happened to the shooting, said a dark-haired girl, confident. My mother enrolled me at modeling courses. Make me a star ! He paid a lot of money on classes and bought me a lot of clothes. Let me look like a cinema star ! when the courses were completed, the organizers called us to make films with us. Mother took the luxurious and prepared toilets , we both go to the established building. It’s asking for our newsletters. I took them and went with them. He said we did not need that. Then he closes us with the key in the building. When we saw it, we were all scared to death. We started to yell, to shout… We were lucky the other women fad strong voices to break down the construction. So much we yelled until they let us go. They were probably to scared to hear someone. When they let us go, we ran away by breaking the ground. And we do not have to model any one, for how many days we have !
  • My dad he bought me a recording studio. He assigned people to take care of my recordings – film director, impresario… and it was done a casting for assigning children for my recordings, said a dark-haired girl, with a long and curly hair with a spoiled figure.
    • Yes, said Fernando, your dad work at the Minister and he has a lot of money.
    • And my mam so the director of a public agency,       I already make introduction TV show, said Larisa, a dark-hared girl, skinny, slimy, with long hair, licked hair ?
    • I wanted to win money , alone, Angela said.
    • She was a beautiful girl, with her skin darker and her hair was blonde. I only have my mother , who works a lot,
    • She earns little money. This week I saw an announcement in the newspaper. It said Wrote that are paid Companion girls=girls Company for strangers =mans from other countrys. I called them and they called me. They sent me with an italian an old man at a luxurious restaurant . I loved it . There was a lot of food. I enjoyed it a delicious steak, Carbonara pastas and we drank wisky and champagne. I also ate fruits and ice cream. After we finished the meal, the man invites me to come in his room. In that moment I started scaring me. In the announcement they said something about company, nothing else.
    • – Ha, ha Fernando said. Did you think there’s anyone in this world who gives you something free ? We finished . Let’s go eat something , said the victorious boy.


    • Finally ! We’re done ! We can go eat ! says Fernando victoriously.

    The teens loudly yet happily went to the food court. The sun’s rays delicately woke everyone to life. They took serving plates , a bowl with soup, one for each from which steam chaotically danced out of, a plate of minced meat, mashed potatoes out of potatoes they peeled and for dessert a sweet, sweet chocolate muffin, almost seemed blessed for a second.