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Poemul DUMNEZEU, de poetul român-american Cristian Petru Bălan, este tradus din limba română în limba engleză de autorul versurilor

Poemul DUMNEZEU, de poetul român-american Cristian Petru Bălan, este tradus din limba română în limba engleză de autorul versurilor. În videoclipul muzical anexat mai jos sunt reproduse versurile originale pe un fond muzical al compozitorului Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Regia videoclipului: Manuela Cerasela Jerlăianu.
(creationist poem) Collection: religious texts and poems
by Cristian Petru Bălan
God is like a huge megacomputer spread across the universe,
whose infinity – hence the cosmos itself – is fully included in His Being!
And – because we can understand neither its complexity, nor its secrets, nor its greatness –
He projected himself anatomically on us, here on Earth,
at the level of our material perception,
taking the form of the Man Jesus, the Supreme Savior
And the Divine Portal of eternal salvation, through His own sacrifice
It was a unique, historic, huge, courageous, self-sacrificing decision!
He – the Great Creator, the Great Source of Infinite Love, of Total Love,
He – The Huge Explosive Energy of the Cosmos,
He – the Superinfinite, the Power of Powers,
Eternity of Eternity, Purity of Purity,
He humbly focused on a living point,
in a Man, seemingly simple,
although, being ubiquitous, it remains, simultaneously, in the whole endless universe!
From there He sent His angels to help us.
to protect us from the vengeance of treacherous angels.
Maybe, metaphorically speaking,
infinite galaxies and metagalaxies are cosmic capacitors,
stars kind of transistors, and people – sparkles for a moment,
trying to shyly imitate the brightness of the stars.
Maybe … But who knows? …
Seen in infrared, God seems to be visible
in the infrared stripes of the light spectrum;
When viewed in ultraviolet light, we believe it is visible in ultraviolet streaks
And in the mosaic of books, icons, inscriptions, crosses and statues
from churches everywhere …
But let’s not rush into the definitions, the naive symbols
And with risky assumptions,
for something unclear and incomprehensible to our minds will forever remain.
We’ll know more – Beyond …
Patience and pious worship!
For now, here,
His clarity is graded in relation
with the opacity and non-opacity of our thinking,
and with the latitude or longitude of the religious areas of the world:
At the Vatican and Jerusalem, the presence of I feels strong
through the sound of bells, through the Wailing Wall, through luminous masses and liturgies;
at Mecca – by the fireball coming from the sky and worshiped in the black Kaaba.
In millions of other churches, synagogues, and mosques,
it is perceived through prayers and endless kneeling.
But most clearly and most clearly, God is felt
with the soul of every one that believeth on him,
of those who seek Him, worship Him and love Him.
For they see Him, feel Him, adore Him and know Him
greatness, love, kindness, power, and holiness.
They see Him everywhere: in the beauty of flowers, in the green of the grass, in the flight of butterflies,
in the song of birds, in the croaking of babies, in the clear sky,
in the roar of the seas and oceans, in all the splendors of nature;
in the brightness of the sun, the moon, the stars,
of the polar auroras,
but also in the force of hurricanes,
of the wrath of the seas and oceans,
earthquakes, thunder and lightning strikes us,
and many other punishments, for all these come from His hand,
for He speaks to us by the fragrance and color of the flowers, by the rays of the moon and the rays of the sun, by the shape of the clouds,
by the dawn and the charm of the twilight,
through any thunder and lightning! Just watch and listen …
Wherever His presence is felt, for He sends us
over seven billion blessing rays –
one for each inhabitant of the Earth …
Dare to receive Him and seek Him!
Wherever his presence is felt! Dare to seek Him!
Many stretch out their arms in tears to glorify His greatness,
to implore her superpower, infinite beauty and goodness,
to touch its vibrations, invisible radiation and to capture its huge total light …
Then they feel comforted by the warm wave of the currents of blessing from above
which gives them strong shivers throughout their bodies, enlightening their minds and souls,
for He is the great founder of life,
Our Creator, our Father!
He – the supreme wisdom, joy, exaltation, serenity, kindness, bliss, order, mercy and sacrifice …
He – The entity present at any point in the universe;
He – the righteousness of the soul,
making their way, but also burning their hearts,
He – the creative genius,
He is hungry and thirsty for truth and peace,
He is the founder of all that is foreseen and unforeseen,
He is the great Judge of our judgments.
He – The sun that shines on people, making them small suns,
He is the everlasting and righteous bread, our caretaker.
He – The inexhaustible source of living water,
He – the Infinite, the overwhelming Eternity that gives us a glorious infinity or not,
A deep eternity!
What more could we ask for? Glory be to His name!
The little we understand is much if we want to understand
And that’s why we could fearlessly answer:
Rather, we exist only because He does not exist!
But few will have the crazy courage to utter these great words …
(Whether you like it or not,
Whether it suits you or not;
Anyway, we’re totally overwhelmed
of this huge Law of Universal Unrelativity!)
Instead of hesitating and commenting on this huge Truth, you better keep quiet!
You better shut up!
It is imperative that you keep quiet and discover yourself
when you say His name by praying to Him …
Thus we will approach the great mystery of divinity,
Thus the mysteries are untied to us, one by one –
And then He will enter slowly, slowly into us, into our minds, into the depths of us,
in the depths of our depths –
Until you light it and clear it of all impurities,
until you sanctify him,
absorbing ourselves completely in Him,
distilling ourselves into Him,
merging with Him
and becoming one of His rays!
29 Nov. 2010 – Chicago, USA
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