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DESPERATE Parents Resort to DESPERATE Measures in Norway

Friends, this is the stuff that movies are made of. Desperate parents who are unable to get their children back after the Norwegian CPS confiscated them, are taking matters into their own hands and are kidnapping their own children back.

Case and point: a Lithuanian mother was accused of kidnapping her own 9-year-old daughter from the system.  Norwegian police as well as the European Interpol have been alerted to look for them. This information is being disseminated in the Norwegian media (see forum discussion and links here).

In another case last year, a 7-year-old Lithuanian boy’s extraction from CPS custody failed when the boy was located by police. It involved cars running through red lights, and the boy boarding a plane (see discussion and links here). The public was being alerted through the media to help find him.

There are even professionals being hired to extract kids and return them to their parent’s home countries. The now famous Polish “Rambo” has carried out such operations (article here).

Over the last few weeks we learned of at least three Romanian families who were on Barnevernet’s radar and who secretly fled the country leaving everything behind in order to save their children (one example here).

These parents are fighting a system that is stacked against them at every step. According to Norwegian lawyer and human rights advocate Marius Reikeras, the CPS (Barnevernet) wins in 96% of cases, meaning that very few parents get to recover their children in the court system.

There is no civilized country in the world where this kind desperation happens. One would expect to see these events on the movie screen, not in reality! Put yourself in these parents’ place. Faced with the likelihood that you will never see your child again because of trivial matters, you cannot blame the parents for resorting to desperate measures.

The world needs to know about these things happening in Norway. We cannot stay silent. Share with friends.

photo: Bjorn Brunvoll (crews looking for the Lithuanian boy)

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