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INTERNATIONAL: Amb Dr. Salah Uddin Russel – Meaning of Life



Life is a miracle

Contain with obstacle

Where we take every breath

That’s gift from God’s wreath.


Life is a mystery

With lots of memory

Where there’re good or bad

Containing the mood of happy & sad.


Life is an action

On the basis of perfection

That depends on the morality

Which belong to the quality of humanity.


Life is an event

That we often present

Where are some objectives

As well as different subjectives.


Life is a journey

Moves with money

From birth to death

Calculating formula of math.


Life is a practice

Adorned with beauties

That bonded with family

Where decorated norm normally.


Life is a novel

Contain struggle carnival

Where waves come often

And teaches lesson of uneven.


Life is a limited tenure

With combination of success & failure

Where thought must be in all out positive

And will not be applicable any kind of negative.


Life is a cycle

Revolving with faulty circle

That occurs often unconsciously

Where even though some consciously.


Life is a duration

That God gave us mutation

With some objective & limitations

Where as lots of mysterious directions.


Life is an examination

On which God has justification,

Where we will be rewarded for good deeds

And must be punished for evil or misdeeds.


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