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INTERNAȚIONAL: WITHOUT YOU by amb dr Salah Uddin Russel



Without you I’m nothing

Do you know about that

Only you’re my everything

Let you know the real fact.


Without you I’m hopeless

Because I’m love with you

Everything in mine get careless

If I find you in fade show.


Without you I’m empty

Where is my world in darkness

You’re the only power of beauty

That makes my all sharpness


Without you I’m the river

Where is water gone away

Nothing is owned feel me better

When you misquote what I say.


Without you I’m that forest

Where is dissolved all the green

I feel you all time on my nearest

Where my love is neat and clean


Without you I’m the valley

Where is shown a vast desert

My life turned out faded really

When you got in bad alert.


Without you I’m the Orphanage

Who has no hope to life

I imprisoned myself on damage

Where the bitter cuts with knife.


Without you I’m that creature

Who doesn’t want to live more

Everything turned on lonely gesture

And I find myself on dead shore.


Without you I’m that sky

Where never sing any bird

They dont like here to fly

Where my life gets too hard.


Without you I’m that person

Who is colorless in the journey

Where is waiting hell of passion

And I fail to get nectar honey


Without you I’m that world

Where never shown the moon

Miserable to express my word

Where all darkness cover me soon.


Without you I’m that stream

Where it faded and get on dry

The youth lost here with all beam

And happiness not found though I try.


Without you I’m that garden

Where never bloom flower

Everything becomes like a burden

Where fhe joy never gets shower.


Without you I’m that season

Where never comes the spring

And the world become like a prison

Which I never want to bring


Written by

Amb Dr Salah Uddin Russel

Bangladesh, Date:15 th December „2021


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