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INTERNATIONAL: Amb Dr Salah Uddin Russel I’m comitted

I’m Committed



I’m committed on my promise

As I’ve owned you my soul mate

Never it can be broken practice

As I belong you my only fate


I’m committed to you one day

We’ll live together in the journey

Where will be shown celestial ray

Gathering with the nectars honey


I’m committed with my heart

Never I can forget the destiny

I can’t imazine to make you hurt

Where I want to lead in harmony.


I’m committed to get you delighted

And want to give you all happiness

We’ll fly on fairy land that noted

To embrace the rainbow’s brightness.


I’m committed with my breathe

How can I refuse it my dear

Never misunderstand and take wreathe

I’m want you fascinated to hear


I’m committed oh my dream girl

Why you ger hurt to see the external

Only God knows what kind of pearl

That’s you my love browsing Internal


I’m committed to my divine commitment

Never I can forget or cheat you baby

Don’t be turned out getting sentiment

Let you know that It’s not my hobby.


I’m committed to get you marry

And God’s willing we must be met

Don’t get puzzled and get no hurry

I’m here waiting to take you set.


Written By

Amb Dr Salah Uddin Russel


Date:23 rd December „2021

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