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For Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim, a Norwegian Journalist

Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim responded to my POST analyzing his assessment of the Bodnariu case. This is his comment:

Thanks for your contribution, Mister Cristian Ionescu. None of us know the details for sure in this case. I acknowledge that, but you talk like you have the whole picture. Maybe «barnevernet» and the police (which has their own, independent investigation) both are wrong in their accusations about violence against the children. I hope so. Anyway, you’re missing my main point (on purpose, maybe): This has nothing to do with religious persecution, which a lot of people have claimed. That’s the bottom line her. Have a Merry Christmas.

First, of course I know many details about this case, that’s why I’m writing about it! But, Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim, how dare you write about it, at the same time you know close to nothing about it? And, surely, Marius and Ruth Bodnariu know ALL the details in this case!

But, Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim, how do you think I know what I know about this case? Because I asked, I talked to these people and I researched about Barnevernet! An institution so powerful, so covert and so aggressive is up to no good, Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim, don’t you think?

But what kind of a journalist are you to write without interviewing the family, Barnevernet, other families affected by them, nobody?!

Barnevernet and the police are absolutely wrong to take away the children from the parents before the investigation, putting them up for adoption before due process and also, Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim, just this week, at the time they had their legally arranged visitation with the older boys, BARNEVERNET „FORGOT TO BRING THEM”, Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim!

Oh, and about missing your point, if you had any? Nope, it started as a complain by the teacher, which was about radical and „too much” of a Christian upbringing! Also, IF you would have done your homework which, per your own admission, Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim, you did not, you would have interviewed that teacher who told Barnevernet that she does not believe the children were abused and even refused to hand the girls over to them!

Be gone, Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim, until you do a proper investigation, as an unbiased and professional journalist should!

Cristian Ionescu – Chicago, Illinois

Another comment for Mr. Trygve W. Jordheim

Mr. Jordheim, I hope you read this comment:

The Bodnariu case is no ordinary case, as you have probably ascertained by now.

At the very least Barnevernet rushed in without any warning, without any due process, and jumped the gun on confiscating the children. At the very worst this was a calculated move that is part of a greater agenda of targeting ethnic and/or religious families in Norway.

Both possibilities or anywhere along the spectrum resulted in a terrible tragedy: the breakup of a beautiful family.

I am sure you know about the other well publicized cases of Barnevern abuse. There are parents in Norway who are afraid to speak out because they live in fear of Barnevern taking their children.

Do you realize what this is doing to Norway’s image in the world?

Do you realize that the Czech Republic may break diplomatic relations with Norway over Barnevernet abuse?

Do you realize that Romania has an EXCELLENT economic and political relationship with Norway that will be hindered because some ideologists were eager to go on a proverbial witch hunt?

Instead of investigating and perhaps helping the Bondarius (who by-the-way never abused the kids as no evidence of abuse was found), Barnevernet goes to the nuclear option and takes the kids away!

Please put yourself in the shoes of the Bodnarius and look at how this family is suffering…

  1. What do you think of this move on Barnevern’s part noted at this link?

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