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Dedicated to the Ukrainian women, children and families, to all the women of the world, this UNIFERO International Midterm Conference stands for FREEDOM! Come and join us!

Zoom Meeting

OPENING: Greetings; Pp presentations: UNIFERO & other organizations; musical / art event (March 26) – Face to face /ZOOM

The presentations will cover the following:


1.Building international and local bridges against violence in any form; meeting financial and everyday needs; preservation and presentation of culture, traditions and language: Prof. Zoia JALBA (RM);  – Oana POLEACEC – COSTIUC (IT) – experiences; means; resources; organizations – Prof. Dr. Ruxandra VIDU (ARA- USA); Ms. Christy BLOODWORTH- org. Omega – Atlanta, USA; dr. Ruxandra TOCITU; Sp. Diana ACSENTE – Homeschooling (USA); Business Prof. Andy PAN (China)

  1. Hybrid education linked to nowadays society needs – a modern classroom setting – best avenue for L2 learners; Internet dependent or not; using – E-learning as a way to support creativity in young generation of future researchers /inventors – Prof. Marina Luiza CRISTEA (RO); Prof. Milena LITOIU (CA); Prof. Maria VISOSCHI (RO); Prof. Ioan VISOSCHI; Prof. Alina I POPESCU (RO)
  2. How to cope with the physical and mental pandemic – Psih. Dr. Ioana SILION (RO); Ruxandra TOCITU (USA)
  3. MUSIC/ Writing /VISUAL ARTS as means of healing the stress/depression – Ovidiu OANA – PARAU; Mirela PENU (RO); Florin SASARMAN (RO); Mada CAZALI (USA)
  4. Developing awareness to stop human trafficking / violence and abuse of freedom in family and global society – Journalist Luisa KOHN (ISRAEL); Prof. Smaranda CAZAN-LIVESCU (USA)
  5. Volunteering – a forgotten key characteristic of human existence – prof. Zoia JALBA (RM /Bessarabia)

Representatives of the Romanian community in US, Australia, Canada, Israel, Jordan, R.M (Bessarabia), Romania, Serbia, Sweden, members of the Fulbright Chapter of Atlanta (upon confirmation), Omega Support Services, and educators will be in attendance or on ZOOM platform.

Place: The Sunday School Hall –  “St. Constantin & Helena” Orthodox Church of Atlanta (Dickens Rd, Lilburn/Gwinnett)

Time: 12:45 pm (US Eastern Time) to 3:30 /ORA 18:45 ora RO

Please send your message of interest and information to:


Prof. Smaranda LIVESCU

UNIFERO President and Founder

Fulbright Scholar

478 447 1257


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